Kosher cuisine

catering a domicilio

We have a Catering Kosher line for the Jewish community throughout Spain. All of our Kosher services are provided with the highest quality. We comply with all the regulations of the Cashrut, using strictly supervised raw materials and first quality.

We put special care in the choice of suppliers, which are all local and trusted. Thanks to this, we obtain high quality products, which we elaborate by hand. The taste of our cuisine is authentic.

At Chefs Marbella, we fuse traditional kosher recipes with the new trends in high quality cuisine. In addition, we take care of all the details, from the menu to the decoration of the tables, the kitchenware, the linen, the furniture, the flower arrangements and the music.

We are sure that you will find the ideal menu for you, be it a cocktail, a brunch, a lunch or a dinner.

We perform our services according to the event: birthdays, births, anniversaries, weddings, dinners, Shabbat, Passover … everything for the Jewish community. Check the menus of kosher and organic food.