Menu examples

Menu example A

  • Avocado cannelloni with bonito tartar
  • Spaghetti to the Four Cheeses with Parmesan Foam
  • Steamed Celeiro hake and creamy broth
  • Pork tenderloin with mushrooms
  • Caramelized brioche

Menu example B

  • Table of Iberian sausages with olives
  • Cod cake with sweet tomato
  • Grilled prey with eggplant
  • Cheese fritters
  • Yogurt with seasonal fruits
  • Albariño White Wine – Red Wine Ribera del Duero Cr.
  • Cava – Beer Import – Refreshments, Mineral Water, Juices

Remember that these are standard menus that you can modify to your liking. They are fully customized and vary depending on the type of event you choose.